“The older women are to be quiet and respectful in everything they do. They must not go around speaking
evil of others and must not be heavy drinkers, but they should be teachers of goodness. These older women must
train the younger women to live quietly, to love their husbands, and their children, and to be sensible and clean
minded, spending their time in their own homes, being kind and obedient to their own husbands.”
Titus 2:3-5 TLB

These 5 Girls Inc., also known as “T5G” is a Christian based organization and movement created to change the minds and hearts of female youth & women.

These 5 Girls Inc., provides inspiration, life essential training, and resources to build positive self -awareness while creating a brighter future.

Sharing stories of domestic violence, pain, discouragement, confusion, lack of direction, support, or “I’m not pretty enough!” Can you see yourself in these 5 girls? These 5 girls are you and me!

These 5 Girls Inc., provides a safe-haven that will aid women in overcoming defeat, rejection, lack of purpose & acceptance.

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My experience at the T5G event was inspiring and surreal. The speakers were amazing and their stories and the things that they conquered through are phenomenal." - Coty Gray

Attending These 5 Girls was empowering. The three speakers taught me about self love. How loving myself is the way to finding my grace and most importantly, knowing my B.I.O." - Chisom Nnoli

Saturday's event was absolutely amazing! I learned that being beautiful means so much more than just your physical appearance but that it starts on the inside. Thank you These 5 Girls for the event and helping girls/women learn how to become Beautiful on the inside and out." - Tasjae Robinson

These 5 Girls has been instrumental in my healing. I have learned to overcome the ups and downs that detoured me for many years. I've also learned to accentuate the positive and use the negative as a learning experience for further growth. T5G has made me a better mother, sister and friend."

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