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These 5 Girls Inc., began with 5 women from the ages of 23 years of age and up. Although, the ages vary one thing remains the same there is still a little girl that lives inside of each of us. A little girl that may have suffered mental or physical abuse…a little girl with low self-esteem…a little girl that was raped…a little girl that was without a father or mother…a little girl who doesn’t feel pretty enough or a little girl who just doesn’t seem to fit in and the list goes on and on. That little girl hasn’t been healed or set free from those wounds. Just because it isn’t talked about doesn’t mean you’re healed, just because you’re not with that person anymore doesn’t mean you’ve forgiven, just because you’re no longer doing some things you use to doesn’t mean you’ve been set free!

The little girl has since grown up to become a woman of great success within her career or lifestyle. She’s now a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Doctor, Nurse, Executive, Consultant or in college obtaining her degree. The success of your career goals have been accomplished or maybe it hasn’t either way, there is work to be done to reach your full potential in every aspect of your life.

These 5 Girls, motto is a famous quote by Tony Robbins: “Heal the girl and the woman will appear”. It is our belief that once the inner you is healed the outer you can and will thrive. Until then you are not living up to your potential and the fullness that life has to offer. Walk with us as we unlock your true purpose and destiny!

Our monthly sessions allow us to be free and be the women that we were created to be. These 5 Girls provides a safe-haven for “real life” conversations and self-care. Married, divorced, single, widowed These 5 Girls are for you. Be a part of our movement and establish the support, sisterhood, and bond that cannot be broken.


Natasha Robinson serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of These 5 Girls, Inc. She is a powerful coach and a charismatic teacher!

Natasha escaped an abusive relationship and adapted to parenthood at the age of 15, making her an over-comer and voice for women who experience similar challenges of domestic violence.

Natasha Robinson has reached hundreds, both nationally and internationally, with her powerful message of faith, love, hope, grace and beauty.

She is a dynamic speaker with an extraordinary story and a tremendous ability to touch people’s hearts and souls. She is a master at accomplishing unfathomable goals and teaching others to do the same.

Natasha is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of Reinhardt University where she received her degree in Business Leadership and Organizational Management. She resides in Atlanta, GA.

❛I strongly believe that anyone given proper love and ample opportunity can live their purpose and positively impact the lives of others.❜

Meet T5G Empowerment Team

Jacqui Gray

Jacqui Gray

Executive Administrator

Executive Administrator Jacqui is a divorced mother of two adult children and grandmother of one grandson, Jacqui has overcome many obstacles including childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence and attributes her survival to her relationship with God. . She volunteers with Mercer Cares and in currently pursuing her undergrad in Psychology. Jacqui’s passion is helping others. Her motto is “People don’t care how much you know – until they know how much you care”.

Maria Wills

Maria Wills

Self-Explanatory Productions

Self-Explanatory Productions Maria is a single mother of her beautiful four year old daughter Juliana. She is a business owner, who prides herself in being a positive influence on the people around her. She is also a host, speaker, media correspondent, radio personality, and vocalist.

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