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I cannot believe it’s been one year since These Five Girls (T5G) was created. It seems just like yesterday. I remember when God spoke to me about starting T5G, in the beginning I was reluctant because the vision was out of my comfort zone, I had never done anything like this before. I was fearful, lacked a desire, and did not want to risk exposing the true me. I was wrestling with being authentic.  When I finally surrendered, His vision became clearer and I begin to see the pieces of the puzzle come together. At this point I knew I was walking in purpose, stepping into my destiny. I was answering the call; I now know why I was placed on this earth. Saying yes afforded me the opportunity to meet amazing women from all over the world and strengthened my relationship with Christ.  I accepted Christ at the age of 18, but up until a few years ago I begin to pay attention, focus, and become serious about building my relationship with our creator. I had a shift. I realized I was being prepared for something great, something bigger than me. I did not know at the time, nor did I understand, all I knew is that I was changing; the depth of my relationship was changing. Years later, I finally understand why.

Looking back over the year, 12 sessions of sacred conversations and engaging with women from all walks of life These 5 Girls created a bond that can never be broken. Our talks, laughter, tears and bonded sisterhood spoke of truth and love.

These 5 Girls, Inc. has allowed me to grow in truth, love, and embrace who I am and what I have to offer the world. As a woman of faith I now realize what is important and what matters.  I am embracing self-defining beauty, living in my truth and working towards becoming the best me. I am growing deeper relationships with family and friends. True bonds that are holding me accountable, bonds that believe in my dreams and me when I don’t necessary believe in myself.  These are the relationships that matter.

We all grow at different paces, but it is my prayer that you get to a place of going deeper.  Do not settle for average. I challenge you to go deeper. Find a support system and begin to work on the things that you have been avoiding. Those things that you would like to see a change. It is time to go deeper in order to be a better you.

As These 5 Girls continues to grow and make a difference in the lives of women we would like for you to go and grow with us . We are looking forward to what is to come in this year and beyond. I am grateful for your support. Happy 1-year anniversary.

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