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Wow, 2017 I can’t help but reflect back over the previous year of how it seemed to have come and gone so quickly. I have to admit overall it was a great year in spite of my difficulties and believe me I had plenty of them. I like to refer to this as the year of “transition”. I was laid off my job, lost a couple of “friends” and gained many, family issues, & These 5 Girls, Inc was created something I never thought or desired to do. Needless, to say I made it! With the sudden interruption of my income and medical benefits coming to a halt I made it!

In the midst of all of that, I realize what really matters. Hear this don’t misunderstand we need income to survive and medical benefits for those unforeseen illnesses but it wasn’t about the money or the benefits it was about the discovery of my purpose and destiny. It was all discovered as I walked out of the door of corporate America. My purpose and destiny were discovered when These 5 Girls, Inc formed shortly after my job separation. See if it weren’t for the job termination you wouldn’t be reading this blog. If it weren’t for the job termination I wouldn’t have connected with so many phenomenal women from various walks of life. There would be no monthly T5G empowerment sessions, T5G quarterly workshops, or our T5G 1st Annual Benefits Fashion Show! Do you see the result of something that should have been so devastating and a setback? It did the total opposite it set me up!

My life has been more fulfilling now more than ever. There has been “NO LACK” because I am walking in what I was placed on this earth to do my purpose and destiny. By no means am I suggesting you go and quit your job tomorrow or begin praying for a layoff. Please don’t do that! What I am suggesting is that you take heed to the process and be open to “transition” and know it’s for your good.

Although, the evidence may appear that the odds are against you and your emotions tell you otherwise hang in there and know that your destiny awaits on the other side.

Often times we fear “transition” because at the time we’re experiencing it we panic because it’s not a feel good and it’s not what we had planned. Think about the transition in your life over the past year can you honestly say you’ve made it over? I can answer that for you. Yes, you can the mere fact you’re reading this blog says so. You made it over! You’ve learned a lot even if you bumped your head a few times dealing with that same thing of ending a toxic relationship, trying to fit in a space with so-called “friends” that you know aren’t good for you, or family issues that you’re not quite sure how to handle. Regardless of what your “transition” is, there’s a lesson to be learned. Don’t miss the lesson! Understand the next level you’re being elevated to in your life. Don’t get so caught up in the hurt and the uncertainty of it all that you miss your growth and your expansion. Seasons change and so do people. Embrace the “transition” and let’s get started in 2017 of living a life on purpose.

Happy New Year!

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