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It’s June, Already! I started off 2017 with awesome plans, thinking how productive I am going to be. How I am going to make great changes and strides. This year is going to be different… this is my year. I am going to exercise, eat better, go to bed on time (or early), write a few chapters in my book –the one I have been putting off for way to long.

Now Its June, and I have reverted back to the same old habits and routines that I was doing in 2016, 2015… not studying, hitting the snooze alarm, over and over. Oh, what about the business plan…okay, you get my point. Does this sound familiar?

Well I have good news, it’s not to late… we can start fresh Today, that’s right Today! You don’t have to panic or become overwhelmed. You don’t have to be comfortable in your current state. There is more… Relax, Release and Recharge.

Today you can RELEASE – self doubt, worries or concerns…those negative thoughts, the comparison syndrome (she has this, she has that). Release that “ Stinking Thinking”. It’s a new day.

So here is a tip: You have 6 months to plant your feet and get focused. Eliminate all the distractions that have caused you to loose focus on your 2017 goals.

Yes, you read it right – ALL distractions! That means toxic relationships, the one that you have been holding on to, the one you hope will get better. The excuses you keep making not to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Or the classic line – “ I will start tomorrow.” Tomorrow never comes, so you put it off until next year. In order to see your dreams and passion come to life you have to change your mindset.

So, now it is time to Recharge. Write out your goals and surround yourself with positive people. People who share your best interest, they have done or are doing the things you want to do. These people will hold you accountable.

Take Action – Make a checklist and chart your progress.

Fresh Starts are new beginnings, its not always easy but when you have others to hold you accountable it makes it worth not giving up. You can start fresh today…so relax, release, and recharge.

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