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This is my favorite time of year! The leaves are falling with looks of beautiful orange, yellow, and red colors. The weather is getting a bit cooler and the holidays are quickly approaching. Fall is here. Only 2 months remaining in 2016! Can you believe it? What a year…its been good, bad, & ugly for me. But, I can honestly say…”I’m thankful”!

One of the many lessons I’ve learned is whatever season or situation I’m faced I must be intentional. Yes, intentional. I am deliberate in securing my own joy, my own peace, & my own happiness. The joy that lives on the inside of me. The peace that I get when everything around me appear to be in shambles and say otherwise. The happiness that I spread throughout despite what it looks or feels like. I am intentional! Oh no, it’s not easy let’s not be mistaken. It’s not easy to fight daily for your positive thinking even in the midst of struggles. When you’ve been let go from your job, having financial difficulties, family issues, or struggling with your identity. Oh no, it’s not easy to tell yourself you’re going to get through this when your not even sure how. Oh no, it’s not easy to encourage or motivate others when you’re not feeling it yourself. What is easy is to get emotionally involved and drained in what “appears” to be broken. I challenge you today to be intentional! Fight for your joy, peace, & happiness! Don’t allow your situation to dictate who you are. Be intentional and decide I will no longer be a victim of my circumstance.

It may look or feel like you’re not winning but the mere fact you’re alive and breathing says that you are. Fight for your joy. Find out what you enjoy doing and do it! Fight for your peace. Remove those things or people that are contributing to your negative or wayward thinking. Reevaluate your relationships and things that bring a disruption to your life. Ask yourself are they adding value? Fight for your happiness. Begin to teach yourself how to be happy. Be intentional and smile. Some of us have been down in the dumps for so long we forget how it feels to be happy. Surround yourself with positive things and people that display happiness. Be mindful who and what you let into your circle of happiness. Change your way of thinking and get rid of the negative rift in your life.

Please hear me when I say this…you will always fight to keep your joy, peace, & happiness because there will always be challenges. The difference then will be your “intentional” about keeping it! Now, that you have the fight in you stand strong and don’t allow anyone or anything take what you’ve fought so hard to get your joy, your peace, & your happiness. Be intentional!

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