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I met a beautiful sophisticated well educated successful woman today and I asked if she was in a relationship she said ummm…hmmm…that’s a difficult question. Kind of sort of. I’m thininking what’s difficult about it? I tried to maintain a straight face but I really wanted to yell and say Red Flag Clue # 1 that you’re NOT in a fulfilling/true relationship and you’re wasting valuable time when you can’t define it. Of course, my next question..How long have you been in this ummm…hmmm…relationship? Her response 2 1/2 years I replied 2 years too long!

Here it is.. this is NOT a healthy relationship as a matter of fact its toxic and too much time has been spent “trying to figure out if its a “relationship”. Relationships requires TEE (time,energy & effort). Which is why we need to be cautious when we decided that we’re going to be in a relationship this is your precious time that you’re sharing with someone that is willing to give you a ROI (return on investment) or someone whose just not interested in you. If you’re putting too much time into someone that you know isn’t going anywhere when you have to umm..hmm…about it. That’s your sign to RUN don’t WALK to the nearest exit. Save yourself! Regain your confidence, get your self worth back, and gain control! You can do it!

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